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" A metaverse bridge between real and the virtual world on blockchain "

1. Please introduce yourself and the team behind Secret World

BB-8 (Secret World)

Sure thing. I am Alex, Co-Founder of Secretworld. Really glad to be here today to introduce our project to one of the great community on BSC network. I am very excited to introduce the rest of the SSD team to you all, many of which are internationally based. Our team is a fully decentralized autonomous organization that is designed by professionals from the financial and technological background, one that aims for a long-term vision of growth, sustainability and transparency. Our team has a very strong experience in the GameFi space, as they have more than 10 years of experience in game development and more than 5 years of experience with blockchain technology.

2. What inspired you to create the Secret World project?

BB-8 (Secret World)

History repeat itself. In the past decade,Web2 equipment and applications had a marvelous development, much of human life has moved online in unprecedented ways. According to a new study on, the average person spends 59 hours a week using the Internet.

We spent great amount of time in applications like Facebook(Meta), Roblox and games produced by Epic Games which actually inspire us most and gave us direction to kickstart and strengthen metaverse ecosystem this is how this journey begin. Our team has started work on this project back in october 2021.

3. Something that caught my eye one your website was your tagline, can you explain what ‘the first metaverse bridge between real and the virtual world on blockchain’ means?

BB-8 (Secret World)

I am surprised our website is self explanatory, So let me walk you through the gameplay of secret world, which is interestingly relatable to the sequel, John Wick. The game has multiple levels and each level of the game has different perks associated with it. The game begins with all volunteers to gather in the  holy ground. This is the beginning of the first four stages of the game. Here all players  are observed for their skills. In stage 4, these players are tested for their caliber to be at  the, as we call it, The high table. The concept of the high table is similar to that

proposed in the movie. All members of the tables are influential people, who are also  provided special perks like: The Continental, the designers, and Gold coins. All of these  perks have special functions in the game too.

In short all these activity possible by simply wearing VR headset so you can experience real world on metaverse which is ultimately eliminate gap between two worlds.

4. Can you talk to us about your play to earn game from an economic perspective, specifically how users will receive their rewards and also what measures you have got in place for sustainability?

BB-8 (Secret World)

The Secret world project provides ample means of earning through the project. The main thing to know is about the utility token on the platform, $SSD. $SSD is a currency on the network, which is essential for all modes of transaction on the network and in the  game.

Another interesting factor about $SSD is that it is a hyper-inflationary token. So  users who do not want to participate in the game can simple buy and earn this coin for capital gains. Also, NFTs marketplace is another utility of secretworld where NFTs value increase over time based on their playing record and they can trade either in game or different marketplaces like opensea/rarible.

In game asset transfer is extension of NFTs utility in which users can use their NFTs in stores or membership cards.

Or users can participate in our staking pools to earn a high APY, as high as 200% too in some cases.


It is unusual to have a hyper-inflationary token in a crypto project, can you tell us why the token is inflationary and not deflationary?

BB-8 (Secret World)

Nice catch, so actually apart from in game earning or play to earn reward SSD token has another utility in which we are offering very high reward on staking SSD tokens which has duration of 2 months but we reserved 27% of total supply for staking pool which results hyper inflation but once our in game token utility is live it will ultimately results deflationary model.

For more detail about staking:

5. Can you tell us about the Secret World DAO? Moreover what constitutes the DAO as a DAO and perhaps what voting rights the community have?

BB-8 (Secret World)

Yeah sure, so DAO strengthen community decision power. As long as users have SSD tokens in their wallet they can create proposal and participate in voting. So if community disagree with project team they can propose desire input which can be implemented based on voting thats the real beauty of DAO.

6. Thank you, can you tell us what dex or cex's $SSD is listed on and what is the best liquidity pair to use?

BB-8 (Secret World)

We are currently listed on pancakeswap dex, though we had plan to list on hotbit CEX but due to their missmanagement they listed our token earlier we stand against their negligence for that we are really thankful to our community for aggressive support which insist them to excuse us. We have plan to list on top exchanges as we mentioned on our twitter post. SSD liquidity is locked for 99 years on pinksale with respect to SSD/BNB pair.

7. Can you talk us through your roadmap and what events we can look forward to in the near future?

BB-8 (Secret World)

You can look into detailed SSD ROADMAP. We have very surprising news for SSD community, Our beta version is ready for testing we will select random members from our community to test before it goes live on testnet for public. here are some sneakpeak about our game which is palyable on desktop.





Will the game launch with VR initially?

BB-8 (Secret World)

We will integrate VR in our next release.


Do you know what VR headsets will be compatible with the VR release of Secret World?

BB-8 (Secret World)

Well our goal is to make this game more compatible with oculus VR headset as its one of the most adoptable headset later on we will work on other as well based on community feedback.

8. Before we start to wrap things up please can you list your social links below?

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